Sada organizes seminar on promoting healthy behavior through media

Sada organizes seminar on promoting healthy behavior through media

The National Organization of Yemeni Reporters SADA in coordination with Public Health and Population Office in Marib organized a seminar on Saturday about 'Corona Epidemic and the Role of Media in Promoting Health and Preventive Behavior'. The seminar was sponsored by Gulf Business Center .

The seminar witnessed an elite presence such as the various media outlets, health and guidance awareness sectors from all over the governorate .

The Executive Director of SADA organization Hesham Al-Tamimi welcomed the attendees, urging to assume their responsibilities in creating the optimal awareness in light of the dangerous turning point of public health in all countries as a result of the outbreak of Corona virus .

Al-Tamimi expressed his deep regret at the Houthi group’s intransigence in the issue of the abducted and forcibly disappeared persons in its prisons, including journalists and media reporters, as they live in an extremely poor health condition .

For his part, Director of Health Office in Marib Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Shadadi pointed to the important role of media in health awareness which aimed at creating a comprehensive community awareness regarding the correct measures against the Corona epidemic, holding media responsible for playing this important role and supporting the governmental and community health efforts .

Khaled Al-Rai, Director of Gulf Business Center stressed the importance of concerted efforts to serve human and community issues particularly those of common concerns .

Al-Rai called on businessmen to participate actively and support the public institutions and civil society organizations to play its role in the community awareness .

During the seminar, four working papers were presented on the Corona epidemic and the role of media in raising awareness of its danger and also the correct ways to prevent its outbreak .

Dr. Jamila Al-Raboui ,a consultant for internal, liver and digestive system diseases, presented the first working paper on 'Corona Virus Risks and Prevention '.

The second paper talked about a range of issues related to the professional safety of journalists in areas of epidemic .

The other two working papers presented by Dr. Nabil Al-Sharabi and Dr. Ali Al-Tam talked about the role of Medi in raising awareness of public health issues and Corona epidemic .

The seminar concluded with group discussions that contributed to the exchange of experiences between the participants and the presenters of the working papers