Report: Thirty journalists survived killing in three years

Report: Thirty journalists survived killing in three years

Thirty journalists survived killing in three years in Yemen, most of them were injured by gunshots, and Al-Hothi militias' direct sniping.

And according to human rights report from Sada org. under the title "cost of letdown" so, the average of gunshots and sniping injuries is 60%.

The report also mentioned that Al-Hothi militias tried to kill 21 journalists and worker in media.

Over and above, 54 journalists and worker in media suffered assaults, and gunshots.

The report added that assaults were centered in the Yemeni capital (Sana'a) which is still under the control of Al-Hothi militias, the number of injured journalists totally reached 74%.

According to the observation results of Sada org. 70% of assaults in 2015, it witnessed 38 assault crime, then 2016 which witnessed 9 assault crime, whereas hitting is the most kind of assaults during the last three years which witnessed 25 case of hitting crimes reached to 46%.

The number of injured journalists reached 33 while the media coverage, 48% of them injured by gunshots while they coverage events, whereas 52% of them were injured because of explosions.

According to the report Al-Hothi militias is responsible to 93.9% of injuries that journalists suffered during the fight, whereas 6% of injuries to the government and an unknown sides.


Translated by: Hajar Hamed