Condemnation Statement

Condemnation Statement

Sada organization condemns the preventation of visits to kidnaped journalists by Houthi group and deny entrance food and medicine.

We hold Houthi group full responsibility for abducted journalist’s lives and we call on to immediately release them and unconditionally.

The organization calls on the UN envoy to Yemen to visit the abducted journalists in Houthi prisons to check on their situation and pressure on the Houthi group to release them, we urge the International Federation of Journalists, the Federation of Arab Journalists and Trade Unions interested in press to form a special committee of journalists and international lawyers to visit the abducted journalists and solidarity with them until they are released.

We urge the media and international and local human rights organizations to solidarity with journalists kidnapped in the prisons of the Houthi group and those are detained by the government's security services.

Issued by:

The national organization for Yemeni reporter.